We are in the process of building up our information archives. Any documents, maps, information, or reviews that you have, that we are missing, would be helpful. Please contact the webmaster through the Contact Us link.

Welcome to KRCE.net

This site has been set up as an online resource for all owners of property located within the Klamath River Country Estates subdivision, in Siskiyou County, California.

Now Affiliated with The KRCEOA

It's OFFICIAL. Following the 2014 Election of the board of Directors, KRCE.net has been adopted as the official website of the association. It will take a few days to make some of the adjustments necessary to transition this site to becoming the digital portal to your association, so please bear with us. At this time, all site email addresses are routed to the webmaster only, so please continue to direct any enquiries through the previous forms of communication, until we can create the necessary association accounts.



We Got a Quorum! And with that some new board members

See the Latest News page for the details of the new board for 2014/15

Still Working on it!

This site is planned to give you, a fellow property owner, a useful resource which can help you in many ways.

As stated in the section title, we are still working on it. Information resources of this scale take time and need help. We need you to help us to provide everyone with a useful archive. Any documents, maps or information you may have will be appreciated. In particular we need to fill in blanks of previous Klamagrams, KRCEOA financial statements, Meeting minutes and plot maps. If you are able to scan documents to PDF format (Plot maps as .TIFs) please e-mail them to the webmaster at webmaster@krce.net.